Qccc Collective Agreement 2020 Pdf

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Qccc Collective Agreement 2020 Pdf

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25 25.03 Employers` contributions may and shall be enforced, as well as any contributions, by means of a complaint from the Council, the costs of which shall be borne equally by the parties. In the event of non-performance of this obligation by the Council or non-referral to the Association, the obligations of the Council shall be enforceable by complaint of any signatory employer under the law of the Association or by the Association in its own manner in the same manner as if it were an employer signing this Agreement. In the event of such a claim, the defendant has the right to examine the invoices, receipts and orders of the Council with regard to employer contributions. SECTION 26 REVIEW Prior to the request for review, the Board or directors shall indicate in writing the reasons for and nature of the proposed review. If the Board or trustees have reason to believe that no appropriate payment has been made under this Agreement, they have the right to access the employer`s records and the employer must grant access to them. If the employer has refused access and an infringement has been found in the arbitration proceedings, he shall bear the costs of examination and conciliation. ARTICLE 27 EXECUTION All transfers required under this Agreement, including contributions, administrative funds, health and social contributions, training funds and pension contributions, shall be transferred no later than the 20th day of the month following the month in which the deductions or contributions were made. These transfers will be made in accordance with the minimum contribution requirement of the Article when a contribution of ten percent (10%) is invoiced as lump sum damages and not as a penalty for transfers that were not received within three (3) days of the 20th of the month following the month in which the deductions were made or the contributions were earned as part of the audit. The administrative, collection and arbitration fees approved by the trustees appointed in accordance with the article will be paid by the employer if the above appropriate transfers are not paid.

The maximum amount of these fees to be paid by the employer is three times the amounts listed in the articles, the due date of which is determined All employers must pay a deposit of $5,000 or an irrevocable letter of credit or a cash deposit in a form agreed between NDTMA and QCCC before signing this agreement, which will be confiscated up to a maximum amount of the amount due, including lump sum damages, to the administrator and maintenance. Audit, collection, administration and arbitration costs in the event of late payment or non-payment of transfers prescribed in this contract. The deposit or letter of credit or cash deposit, as the case may be, expires within one (1) week after 22 x national X-ray 7 o, including X-rays, gamma rays, fluoroscopy, real-time radar and penetrating the ground, o ultrasound, including automation, immersion, contact, o inspection of magnetic particles of all industrial forms, o penetration testing of liquids of all industrial forms, o eddy currents, including far-field testing and electromagnetic inspection, o PMI for material sorting, as well as future technological replacements and advances in these methods. (b) This definition of non-destructive testing does not preclude the Board from organizing and seeking certification for employees of the employer who perform other types of work. When the Council or one of its affiliated unions obtains written certification or voluntary recognition for employees of an employer performing such functions. The employer will negotiate the rates for these employees and include them in this agreement for that employer. (c) If the Employer hires persons covered by this Agreement to perform work that does not fall within the scope of the Agreement, all the terms of the Agreement apply. However, this task does not bring the work within the scope of the agreement.

This work is subject to a fee, unless it falls within the specific definition of free time. This scope clause may vary in some regions. The full scope of each region can be found under Attachments. Appendices for the Atlantic, Pacific, Prairie and Central Region (d) This means, for example, that if a person who is already a member of the QCCC is used to perform visual inspection work, they will receive the higher of their regular rate or the ECB rate in accordance with the Schedule of the Regional Rate of Pay. [Prairie and Pacific Region: see Appendices D and E] 2.02 Under no circumstances shall the employer be required to pay higher rates of pay or to be subject to work rules less favourable than those established by the Council or one of the affiliated unions or one of the local unions for another employer performing similar work. 4 National The following letters and memoranda supplement the collective agreement. (b) A worker who has suffered an overdose of ionizing radiation may claim weekly compensation until he receives compensation. Employees who receive WCB benefits under this provision transfer these benefits to the Life and Wellness Insurance Plan to reimburse all weekly benefits they receive under the Health and Wellness Plan and are managed by four directors appointed by the NDC Management Association and four (4) directors appointed by the QCCC. With this agreement, the Board agrees that workers who have worked for the employer in the preceding twelve (1) months or the preceding twelve (4) months in the preceding twelve (12) months may work in any region of Canada without financial or other restrictions, without the need for members of the Locals to work in that region or in addition to paragraph (a).

under this Agreement, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, which may be granted to the Employer by any other employer that has entered into a collective agreement with an affiliated union or a local union and whose compliance with this Agreement is respected. In 1970, the Boilermakers and United Association entered into a joint agreement with Western Stress Reliefing Services Inc. that would transcend traditional jurisdictional boundaries. The proposed agreement would apply to the heat treatment of facilities under the working sovereignty of both organizations. 19 16.06 Pension See annexes Newly recruited trainees (valid from 1 May 2012) are not entitled to pension contributions until they have worked five hundred (500) hours. The above five hundred hours (500) are hours of cumulative work under this Agreement. The foregoing does not apply to new employees who hold a certification recognized by this Agreement. This does not apply to interns who are currently receiving pension contributions. All other benefits are payable EMPLOYER PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT The signatory parties to this Agreement hereby request the Board of Directors of the NDT Industry Pension Trust Fund (the Board of Directors) for the approval of the undersigned to participate in the NDT Industry Pension Trust Fund (the Plan). The Signatory Parties assume and undertake to be bound by all the conditions of the Agreement and the Declaration of Confidence of 15 September 1983, as amended from time to time, and to fulfil immediately all the obligations contained therein imposed on employers. The Signatories to this Agreement further agree that this provision constitutes a binding agreement between the Signatory Parties and the Board of Directors or each of their successors. ARTICLE 17 GENERAL PROVISIONS The employer provides all tools and equipment for the performance of the work The employer provides the employees with protective clothing such as coveralls and gloves for dirty or corrosive work, where the employee`s clothes may be abnormal or permanently damaged, as well as rain clothing if the employee has to work in humidity.

bad weather; these must have an appropriate size and fit. These protective clothing, including fireproof outerwear and rain clothing, remain the property of the employer. If a customer has specific location requirements for unique safety shoes, these will be provided free of charge to the member. The suits are cleaned if necessary The employer provides the employee free of charge with all the safety equipment required by the applicable national regulations on accident prevention. including a radiation alarm with an audible alarm; however, safety footwear is excluded, with the exception of underground work. These devices remain the property of the employer. 16 National Until all regions have successfully ratified, please use the previous Agreement in conjunction with this Memorandum of Understanding. .