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Third Party Portal Agreement

December 18, 2020 Uncategorised 0

Any document transmitted via the website is considered a document as defined by current legislation. Such a document with an electronic signature (“Sub-signed Documents”) is deemed to be signed for all purposes, including the subject of a law, regulation or rule of law that requires such evidence. Such a signed document is an “original” when printed from files or electronic records created by P-WC and kept in normal operations to the same extent as a corresponding paper document. To the extent permitted by law, the contracting parties undertake not to enforce the validity and applicability of the signed documents, in accordance with the provisions of an applicable law that imposes the contracting party written and bound by the party. 9.6 We will compensate you for any allegation that the normal use or possession of services or documentation violates the intellectual property rights of third parties that are effective in the UK, provided that we are informed immediately of any claim, we have control over any claim, you do not compromise our claim and provide us with any appropriate assistance (at our reasonable cost) and that the claim is not the result (a) of the use of the Services or documentation in combination with devices or software that we have not approved, b) due to changes or modifications that we have not approved, or (c) when the claim occurs due to a function you have requested. We have the right to continue the use of the incriminating party, to modify or replace the leesive part, provided that the exercise of one of these options is considered to be a total relief of our liability to you under this sub-clause. 3.4.1 to use the Services or to attempt to use the Services or to authorize third parties to do so to provide an IT service to third parties, or in any other way or against any other restrictions specified in this Agreement without our prior written consent, provided that nothing in this sub-clause prevents your accountant from using the services for the processing of your data; “third-party software,” any software that is owned by a third party but is legally authorized for use as part of the services; Portals are subject to a limited warranty (at offered by Facebook Technologies, LLC.