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Landlord Reversion Agreement

April 10, 2021 Uncategorised 0

Tenant participation in the Landlord Reversion Program (LLRP) requires the completion of LLRP`s application and written confirmation of the contractual terms defined by the CFO. The maximum amount of cash surety that a tenant must make, regardless of the number of rental units, is one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500.00). At the discretion of the CFO, the client may require that the down payment be paid to the client who makes three (3) consecutive years (36) consecutive months of good credits and timely payments to the City of Columbia. The CFO will maintain a written policy defining “good credits.” The City of Columbia offers a program for landlords, which allows services to be activated on behalf of the landlord after a tenant leaves without the landlord having to contact the city each time. To participate in the owner`s reversion program, please complete the application and open the PDF file and bring it to utility Customer Services. A landlord seeking services for a rental unit must provide proof of compliance established by the municipal development department for each property. The lessor must make a standard deposit at the rates shown below for each rental unit for which the lessor has benefits with the city: The lessor can apply for participation in the owner`s conversion program (LLRP) as follows: The reversal of the landlord may be discontinued after written notification of the owner. Home “Utilities” Customer Service and Billing” Owner`s Reversion.