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Gatt 1994 Agreements

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The date on which “other duties or taxes” are related to the meaning of Article II is April 15, 1994. “Other customs duties or taxes” are therefore recorded in flight plans at levels on that date. In any new renegotiation of a concession or concession, the date applicable to the corresponding tariff position will be at the time of the registration of the new concession in the corresponding schedule. However, the date of the instrument by which a concession of a given tariff item was first entered in the 1947 GATT or the 1994 GATT remains in column 6 of the ticket lists. The Committee reports on its consultations with the General Council. Where full consultation procedures have been implemented, the report should indicate the committee`s findings on the various elements of the consultation plan, as well as the facts and reasons on which they are based. The Committee endeavours to include in its conclusions proposals for recommendations to promote the implementation of Articles XII and XVIII:B, the 1979 Declaration and that agreement. In cases where a timetable has been presented for the lifting of restrictive balance-of-payments measures, the General Council may recommend that, in accordance with such a timetable, a member may expect a member to meet its GATT commitments in 1994. Once the General Council has made concrete recommendations, the rights and obligations of members will be assessed in light of these recommendations.

In the absence of concrete proposals for recommendations from the General Council, the Committee`s conclusions should take into account the different positions expressed by the Committee. Where simplified consultation procedures have been implemented, the report contains a summary of the main elements discussed in committee and a decision on the need for broad consultation. For the purposes of this agreement, the provisions of Articles XXII and XXIII of the 1994 GATT, as developed and applied in the Dispute Settlement Agreement, apply. article XXIV of the 1994 GATT Articles XXII and XXIII of the 1994 GATT, as drafted and applied in the Dispute Settlement Agreement, can be invoked for any issue raised by the application of The provisions of Article XXIV concerning unions, free trade zones or interim agreements leading to the establishment of a customs union or free trade area. (i) agreement on the interpretation of Article II:1 (b) of the 1994 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade; The original agreement on merchandise trade, now incorporated into the 1994 GATT (see above) The explanatory notes “Other tariffs or taxes” were adopted on the date of the tabling of the instrument incorporating the timetable in question in the 1994 GATT. Pending the entry into force of the WTO agreement, the Director General of the 1947 GATT contracting parties or subsequently with the Director-General of the WTO is not added at a later date, and all “other duties or taxes” registered at a level below that applicable on the applicable date are not reinstated at that level, unless these supplements or modifications are made within six months of the date of the instrument`s filing. With regard to interim agreements, the working group`s report can make appropriate recommendations on the proposed timetable and on the measures necessary to complete the establishment of the customs union or free trade area. It may provide, if necessary, for a further revision of the agreement. Article XXIV, paragraph 6, defines the procedure to be followed when a member forming a customs union proposes an increase in the bound tariff rate. In this context, members reaffirmed that the procedure under Article XXVIII, as defined in the guidelines adopted on 10 November 1980 (BISD 27S/26-28) and in the agreement on the interpretation of Article XXVIII of the GATT 1994, must be initiated before tariff concessions are amended or withdrawn following the creation of a customs union or an interim agreement leading to the formation of a customs union.