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Eu Agreement Budget

December 8, 2020 Uncategorised 0

“Parliament will only ratify today`s agreement if member states respect all parts of the agreement,” he said. The agreement must now be transposed into several laws. Some of them must be re-approved by the European Parliament and the Member States in the Council. In some cases, the Council`s approval must be unanimous. The decision on own resources, which is the legal basis for funding all EU spending, must also be ratified in all Member States. In most Member States, this concerns national parliaments. The coronavirus crisis has made health and research funding one of Parliament`s top priorities in the negotiations. MEPs have received an additional EUR 4 billion in funding for research, bringing the total amount expected for the Horizon Europe research programme in seven years to 84.9 billion euros. In addition, they negotiated an additional 3.4 billion euros for the health programme, for a total of 5.1 billion euros – still far from the 9.4 billion euros previously planned for health spending. Poland, in particular, is one of the main direct beneficiaries of EU subsidies to farmers, which are the electoral base of the ruling piS nationalist party.

If Warsaw and Budapest set the next budget, subsidies to farmers will cease. After four months of intense negotiations, the European Parliament and Member States agreed on Tuesday on the details of a budget of 1 trillion euros ($1.3 trillion) for the period 2021-2027. The agreement came after a struggle for spending priorities agreed at a marathon summit in July. “The budget, the stimulus fund, the new revenue and the rule of law are a package for us,” Siegfried Muresan, president of the centre-right group of the European People`s Party (EPP), told Reuters news agency. BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Negotiators from the European Parliament and EU governments agreed on Tuesday on the details of the European Union`s 2021-2027 budget, in a crucial step towards activating the Bloc`s 1,800 billion euro stimulus package to make the economy more environmentally friendly and digital. On the rest of the process looms the threat of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to block both the long-term budget and the collection fund through a new mechanism linking EU funding to respect for the rule of law.